Discovery Kids Kindergarten
A Social Science Kindergarten Enrichment Program
Thursday, 12:30pm -2:45pm

Each month students will visit a different country learning about its geography, science, engineering, technology and art culture meeting the S.T.E.M. Common Core Standards for Kindergarten. Literacy activities related to each country are woven into each lesson. Each week, students are engaged in project-based activities in small groups. Classes naturally flow from one to another (an Australian geography lesson flows into the science lesson on the Great Barrier Reef/aquatic life!)

Science and Math activities will channel students enthusiasm in a high-energy, hands-on manner designed to boost their inherent interest and spark the imagination! The curriculum emphasizes the child’s role as an active learner and experimenter, allowing students to learn by doing, and explores science and math concepts through exciting, age-appropriate experiments!

Students will embark on a learning expedition, journeying across the world and recording their experiences in their travel log. Students "explore" different locations via books, maps, cultural cuisine, native dress, and art, which are brought to life in the classroom, sparking imagination and fostering a love for travel and culture.

Each month a special artist is introduced to the children to incorporate their interest in the art culture of the country they are studying.

With each country, children will see the similarities and differences of how people live and what they experience whether it's through video, music, food, games or even doing an experiment on water pollution or reading a book on global warming. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills - particularly emphasized during science. Development of overall communication and social skills are experienced through small groups and an open dialogue is experienced during circle time.